Terms and Conditions

  • By signing up your child to guitar lessons you agree to the terms and conditions below. 

  • The UpStrum Guitar Club is an independent music teaching business. We are an extra-curricular service operating in Schools and Youth Clubs. It is our responsibility to deal directly with parents and carers of pupils at upstrumguitar@gmail.com. We will ensure to answer any of your queries asap. 

  • Your child will not be able to attend any further lessons unless we have not received payment by the 1st lesson of the due term.  (except for extenuating circumstances)  Please email for queries.

  • A different learning and payment structure for after School clubs may apply. (IE we do not usually offer plectrum grades for after School clubs). 

Payment must be made by BACS or PayPal (webbgdwebb@aol.com) transfer, but we must know who it's from with a reference or an  email to upstrumguitarclub@gmail.com after payment has been made ) - please email for details.

Lesson Cancellation (on our/your behalf)

There may be occasions where we aren't able to make a lesson. We are very sorry if this is the case.  We hope we have your understanding that everyone gets unwell, needs to visit the dentist or doctor etc at times! We have listed below our refund and lesson credit policy. We will do our best to contact you via email in the event of illness or absence. Once again, we ask that we have your understanding in these situations.

  •  Lesson credits are available should we not be available for a lesson through our own absence.
    (These will be settled after the 12 week lesson duration)

  • Lesson credits  will be available for School absences, which include, Inset Days,  School trips,  Snow days (or adverse weather) .

  • Refunds are only available if your child discontinues guitar lessons after the 12 week period in which we were absent.


  • ​Guitar/Music lessons are non refundable

  • if you or  your child wishes to discontinue guitar lessons midway through the 12 week term.

  •  if your child is absent through illness (please contact us if your child's sickness is long term and absence from School spans more the 3 weeks and we will of course issue lesson credits.)

  •  if your child forgets their lesson or to bring their guitar.

  • If your child is absent for any reason other than illness (ie holiday) 

  • If your child decides to prioritise any other extra curricular activity over their guitar lessons. 

    Please do not hesitate to contact us at upstrumguitar@gmail.com if you have any concerns regarding the above T&C's.