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Cost?  (much cheaper than 1 to 1 tuition!)

Group (4 pupils)  lessons are 1/2 an hour long and cost just £5.75.  We ask that lessons are block booked in a group of 12 as this coincides with every 2 School terms and gives us a realistic time to achieve something.  

- 12 lessons x £5.75 = £69.00    (This works out at £17.25 pcm which some find useful to know)

Lessons then continue (and are invoiced for) thereafter unless we are notified by parents.  

We also ask for a one time administration fee of £6.00 (This helps cover essential administration, ordering plectrums, stickers and certificates).


Some Parents and Carers ask for a trial lesson, we are happy to oblige. If your child does not enjoy their first lesson we will offer a full refund.

We have a very fun and rewarding Junior Grading system in place called the plectrum challenge. When tasks are completed on the guitar, children receive different coloured plectrums and certificates! This has proven to be very motivating  and popular for practice.

Practicing materials...

Are all colour coded on this website. Ready to work off screen or print off. We also have practice prize draws for regular practice, effort and behaviour


Do I need my own guitar? 
Not right away as we have spares but eventually  for practice, yes! We can provide a suitable 3/4 size starter pack if required.  (see below)

Great! How do I get started?
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After School club info may differ. Please email to check

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