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Cost?  (much cheaper than 1 to 1 tuition!)

Group (usually 4 pupils)  lessons are 1/2 an hour long and cost just £5.75.  We ask that lessons are paid (in advance) via a monthly direct debit of £17.25 pcm which some find useful to know)  You're free to cancel at any period but please speak to us first!

We have a very fun and rewarding Junior Grading system in place called the Plectrum challenge. When tasks are completed on the guitar, children receive different coloured plectrums and certificates! This has proven to be very motivating and popular for practice. It is also a good opening for Nationally Certified Grading. 

Practicing materials...

Everything needed to practice is on this website. We like to save paper. But you're welcome to print off sheets for a screen free experience.


Do we need a guitar? 
Some Schools provide a few guitars but ideally your child would have their own for practice!

Great! How do I get started?
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