The Up Strum Guitar Club was founded by Nick Webb in 2014. The aim was to deliver contemporary, fun, affordable and rewarding guitar lessons for young people throughout East Sussex. Covering musical genres such as pop, rock, blues, reggae, and funk.

Through group lessons (on average 4 person per group) founder Nick Webb has built an original and exciting programme which fits alongside the National Curriculum and includes the learning of:

  • Well known singular note melodies (riffs)

  • Vital rhythm exercises and scales

  • Easy to digest music theory

  •  Different chord shapes (which in turn leads to learning songs children want to learn)

  • Understanding songwriting  through stories and challenges.

  • ​And working towards Nationally Certified Grading through the 'plectrum grade challenge'.

The aim of The Up Strum Guitar Club is

  • To learn the basic fundamentals of the acoustic/electric guitar and beyond.

  • Have fun, learn musical expression and not see the guitar as restrictive in any way.

  • Peer to peer learning, develop team work and social skills

  • Gain awareness of the calming and therapeutic properties of music

  • Improve the all round education of children as the guitar requires us to think creatively and mathematically.

 5 key things for parents and carers to be aware of.

  • We mainly teach the guitar in a contemporary way (rather than classical) covering pop, rock, blues, funk and age appropriate nursery rhymes.

  • We encourage practice but don't force it. We encourage practice through the plectrum grades and the band practice chart. We certainly can't force a child to practice though as this will eventually be counterproductive. Instead we try and create healthy practice competition. Learning an instrument must be a safe and healthy practice for anyone to reap the benefit of it's rewards.

  • We mainly teach guitar using tablature. Tablature is currently the most popular way to read guitar music. It relies on numbers rather than notes. We do cover classical notation and theory as well, later on in our plectrum grades.

  • We do not supply worksheets every week. We are trying our best to be environmentally friendly. Hence why we all of our worksheets on this website.​​

  • We offer a limited number of free or part paid for places via 'Up Beat Futures' Up Beat Futures is our sister community organisation. It was founded as to make learning an instrument as inclusive as possible. With Up Beat Futures we try and fundraise for equipment for our guitar groups, Rock Schools and out of School hours learning. 



About Nick Webb (Founder)

Nick has been playing the guitar since the age of 14 years old. Since then Nick has gained grades and a Distinction in Music Technology (which includes music performance) and has toured the UK with his former band, Capital. Capital were signed with Fierce Panda Records.

Nick has co written songs which have been on BBC radio 1, 2 and was Steve Lamacq's band of the week on BBC6 Music. Nick has supported many established artists including Athlete, Laura Marling, White Lies, Everything Everything, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly and Adrian Edmonson! With all of this valuable experience Nick has gained a good knowledge base as to what makes a fantastic musician.












As a side endeavour to music, Nick also has a background in Education and youth work. Nick gained an NVQ in youth work which supported a music project he co founded and a HLTA qualification in education. Which gives Nick a broad understanding of Primary education and was a stepping stone to TUSGC being founded!

Nick is also ...
DBS (Disclosure Barring Service) CERTIFIED  
Documents always available to hand